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We expanded our office and added a room

Thanks to a few of our growing enterprises, we needed a little more space. So we snagged the vacant office next to us. It was a bit bigger we actually needed, so we decided to do something with the...


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Alahah programming langange
By Sean

Alahah programming langange (APL) is based on a transparent handling of semantic relations and the corresponding data management. Curretly, there is no model that combines the three main models of information architecture:The database model (data level - Information Realization),The programming... Read More

Voice UI project
By Alfréd

What’s the role of voice as a user interface in the future? Pocket-size devices, such as PDAs or mobile phones, currently rely on small buttons for user input. These are either built into the device or are part of a touch-screen interface, such as that of the Apple iPod Touch and iPhone.... Read More